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Hi, I'm doing a Frost Protected Shallow Foundation here in South Central Alaska. I'll be using ICF blocks for the walls. I'm trying to plan a couple of things, like how to dig out for the sewer pipe. I have a toilet on the first floor in the middle of the house. Can I run the sewer pipe under the slab (1/4" per 1' slope), and then drop down 3 or 4 feet with a 90 or two 45's before exiting under the footing, and then, send it out to the septic? And I'm doing 2" of rigid foam insulation, so do I dig the trench for the sewer pipe just deep enough so that it's about plum (I know it will change a little with the slope) with the sand below where the insulation will be? For the water main, I'm coming from a well, and I'll bury it around 5 feet deep. Where should I bring it up in the slab? In the footing, so it can go into the ICF wall? Or just passed it? I'll be using a plastic water main. Can't remember the type of plastic off the top of my head. I feel like I should have buried the water main when I dug out for the foundation, and then back filled and compacted over it, but too late now. Thanks for any help.
Category: Plumber Post By: LEO BREWER (Woburn, MA), 01/13/2016

what is alaska's frost debth ? you need to exit building below that number

- GREGORY GREEN (Corvallis, OR), 09/04/2017

no,,,you can go under the footer, typically a footer is below frost debth, because of upheaval have never seen shallow footers in a cold area like alaska. i would suggest you contact your building department for footer debth. pretty sure they need to be deep

- DIANNE OCONNOR (Cary, NC), 09/09/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo what is alaska's frost debth ? you need to exit building below that number 4' in my area, but on my first house, my sewer pipe comes from over the footer at the surface, and then goes down some in the ground. I've had no problems, but I can dig deeper if I need to. The issue is that my footings are going to be a foot deep, but you say I can't put it under the footings.

- HEIDI THORNTON (Surprise, AZ), 10/13/2017

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