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hi all, I'm in the middle of a kitchen remodel and need some guidance to correctly route and connect a first floor kitchen sink (under a window) down to a bathroom group in the basement. The basement group will have a WC, and Shower. The vanity is on an adjacent wall. There is an existing 3" pvc branch waste line. My question is how can I properly vent the WC, Shower and tie the vent up to the kitchen sink and out to the VTR? I have attached a prelim diagram of what I'm thinking - and I'd like to get your input. Thanks in advance.
Category: Plumber Post By: DANA RIOS (Park Ridge, IL), 10/02/2016

you can not connect the vents below floor. They need to connect 6 above flood rim of all fixtures. You have to take the vents off the drain at a minimum of 45 degrees from horizontal to also prevent fouling.Vent will need to be 2 for toilet and all the way to the roof

- CAROLE DANIEL (Monroe, LA), 09/17/2017

Thanks so much Mr David! I appreciate the input and heads up! I've decided to open up the rest of the trench to give me more flexibility and access for the new wye and vent connections. I may have some issues with the new shower trap and vent branch as it will be a 36 x 42 shower (center drain). That puts the drain location slightly to the left and centered on the existing san-tee which someone else put in a while ago before I bought the house. It's a pretty tight squeeze to get all the waste, trap and venting into - would you have any other suggestions on WV routing?

- KEVIN GONZALEZ (Orem, UT), 10/03/2017

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