Forum Title: Best brand of expansion tank?
It appears I need to replace the expansion tank that is currently in my home (something that was already installed when I bought the home). Is there a "best" brand? Does brand even matter? I can't really tell the difference when I look at what's out there. Home Depot has Amtrol, Watts, Zurn-Wilkins and Water Worker - what's best?
Category: Plumber Post By: CAROLE DANIEL (Romeoville, IL), 01/20/2017

For what application? Hydronic heat or potable water?

- LESTER BARNETT (Oak Lawn, IL), 09/08/2017

Potable water. I've got a 50 gallon water heater.

- JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 09/18/2017

The water heater has nothing to do with what size tank you need. Amtrol used to be the best hands down, now they make a tank for big box stores. You can bet it's been scaled down. So in order, Well-X-Trol, Flexcon (comes in several flavors) then Zilmet. If you want quality, stay away from any big box store. The size of the tank depends on what kind of pump you have. Jet or Submersible. Remember that bigger is always better with tanks. Cycling a pump motor on and off will kill it eventually. So the bigger tank cuts down on cycles.

- GILBERT CHAMBERS (Salinas, CA), 10/09/2017

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